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Pokemon TCG: XY - Fates Collide Sleeved Booster Packs [Set of 4]


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One Pokémon sees the future and shapes it to unify two worlds! Order is restored, fates are sealed, and two Pokémon worlds join together in the Pokémon TCG: XY-Fates Collide expansion! 

BECOME THE GREATEST TRAINER: Will you find Delph ox BREAK, Alakazam-EX, Mega Alakazam-EX, Carbink BREAK, Zygarde-EX, Audino-EX, or Mega Audino-EX?
Give your collection a boost: includes 4 sleeved booster packs containing 10 cards each to advance your collection to a new level.

4 Packs, 1 for each cover art variant