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Looney Labs Ice Duo Game

Looney Labs

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Ice Duo is actually two complete games in one box: Ice Dice and Twin Win. Ice Dice is a press-your-luck game that was specifically designed to be an introductory game for the pyramids. It features a special pair of dice designed for this game but useful now for many others. Twin Win is a quick little hidden-goal game that has turned out to be the sleeper hit of the games in Pyramid Arcade.

Ice Dice is a press-your-luck game. Roll the dice to see what pyramid you get, then decide if you want to risk it by rolling again!

Twin Win is a quick and easy strategy game featuring a pair of secret goals and a small amount of bluffing. Anyone can move any of the pieces, so the trick is to assemble one of your two assigned combinations without making your goal too obvious.

Box Contents:

30 pyramids; 1 Trio in each of the 10 colors
1 foldable Twin Win gameboard
10 Twin Win cards
1 color die
1 pyramid die

Printer-friendly rules are downloadable on the main index pages for Ice Dice and Twin Win
The rules as formatted to fit into this little box are here: Ice Duo Rules