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BoomLoot Shell50 Acid-Free 3-Pack / Twin Pop Protector (Pack of 10)


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SHELL50 - .50mm thick Crystal Clear Acid-Free Protector fits the following:

- Funko Pop! AD ICONS Rice Krispy: Snap! Crackle! Pop! [3-pack]
- Funko Pop! DC Justice League: The Flash Chrome [3-pack]
- Funko Pop! DC Justice League:  Wonder Woman Chrome [3-pack]
- Funko Pop! STAR WARS: Lobot, Ugnaught & Bespin Guard - Walmart [3-pack] and similar Walmart exclusives
- Funko Pop! DISNEY: Sorcerer Mickey & Chernabog Metallic  SDCC [2-pack]
- 2 individual Pop!s

*Pops not included.

Please check other listing  for 1 piece