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BoomLoot EPIC Vaulted and Exclusives Mystery Boombox Vol 48 [3 Pops]


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BoomLoot EPIC Vaulted and Exclusives Mystery Boombox Vol 48 [3 Pops]

Each Boombox will contain 3 Pops for $200 per box. That's right, you get 3 Pops for every box you order. Only 25 Boomboxes are available though so there is a limit to 2 per customer. Orders of 3 or more will be canceled. The lowest box value at the time of packing is $190, and the highest is over $500 (PPG as of 03/28/22). Please be aware that PPG values fluctuate, some even wildly. The shipping cost is determined based on the buyer's address.

We do have a few doubles on some variants. The boxes are sealed before the selection process and pulled at random, so there is a small chance that you may receive two of the same

Box conditions are near mint to mint.

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